Prepared and Ready to Cook Foods

Beef BBQ (Frozen)
Beef- Franks, 4/1 (Frozen)
Beef- Franks, 5/1 (Frozen)
Beef- Franks, 6/1 (Frozen)
Beef- Franks, 8/1 (Frozen)
Beef Meatballs- Cooked 1 OZ (Frozen)
Beef Patties- 80/20 4 OZ (Frozen)
Beef Patties- 80/20 6 OZ (Frozen)
Beef Seasoned Sandwich Steak- Frozen
Beef Stew- Cut from Knuckle 1-3/4″ (Frozen)
Beef Stew- Cut from Teras Major 1-3/4″ (Frozen)
Bread- 8″ Hoagie Roll (Frozen)
Bread- 8″ White Sub Roll (Frozen)
Bread- Baguettes (Frozen)
Bread- Pita (Frozen)
Chicken- Nugget Fritters (Frozen)
Chicken Steak Sandwich Meat (Frozen)
Chicken- Tenderloin Fritters (Frozen)
Chicken- Tenders, Breaded (Frozen)
Chicken- Wings, Breaded, Spicy (Frozen)
French Fries- Breaded Wedges (Frozen)
French Fries- Crinkle Cut (Frozen)
French Fries- Shoestring (Frozen)
French Fries- Steak Cut (Frozen)
French Fries- Straight Cut (Frozen)
French Fries- Sweet Potato (Frozen)
Gyro Cones- Chicken
Gyro Cones- Lamb
Gyro Cones- Pork
Half Smokes-Mild (Frozen)

Macaroni and Cheese (Frozen)
Onion Rings- Beer Battered (Frozen)
Pork- Chorizo, Argentinean (Frozen)
Pork- Chorizo, El Salvadorian (Frozen)
Pork- Chorizo, Hot Mexican (Frozen)
Pork- Italian, Hot (Frozen)
Pork- Italian, Sweet (Frozen)
Pork- Pulled Pork BBQ (Frozen)
Seafood- Breaded Cod (Frozen)
Seafood- Breaded Fish Filets (Frozen)
Seafood- Shrimp, Butterfly, Breaded (Frozen)